Paul Dunda
BSc University of Adelaide 1983

Started in the computing industry 1983 with Computer Corporation P/L supplying (hand built in those days) S100 bus z80 based systems with an in-house written multi-purpose accounting system later to be known as MultiFlex.

Moved to Sydney June 1989 to work for Warman International, a manufacturer of world class mining equipment. Maintained Maxcim, a US based MRPII package, culminating in integrating it down to the shop floor providing job & order information and management via handheld RF based devices to both manufacturing and distribution. Developed a sophisticated warehouse management system fully integrated into Maxcim.

1998, became IT manager Warman Australia and responsible for the Australian data migration during the global implementation of SAP.

Made redundant when Warman  was sold to Weir Engineering.

2001 joined University of Sydney to assist in the implementation of GST within PeopleSoft. Moved from finance to IT in 2004 to take on the implementation of Enterprise Scheduling and monitoring using BMC's Control-M & Patrol.

2010 Took a redundancy package from the University of Sydney to start Open Business Technology to support businesses in the Newcastle - Hunter region.

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